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MinecraftEdu World Library

MinecraftEdu comes with an integrated library of lesson worlds created by educators. A list of those worlds can be found at http://services.minecraftedu.com/worlds

Alternatively, you can launch the World Library from your MinecraftEdu Server Launcher and download directly to the Launcher.

Tips for Creating Lessons Around MinecraftEdu

Have students create or explore a Real-Life building

There are many famous and historical buildings that have been created in Minecraft. Most of the time, they can be easily imported into MinecraftEdu and then modified to be classroom appropriate. These are great tools to inspire and excite students about History, Civics, Architecture, Engineering and Cultural Studies. You can easily create a framework to challenge students to create their own Minecraft versions of real-life buildings and environments.

Practice Ratio and Proportion

Minecraft blocks are conveniently equally sized units generally considered to be the equivalnet to one meter. Minecraft allows students to build whatever they want, so use the opportunity to have them create scale models when you need a practice unit about measurements and proportions. The building of scale models might integrate social studies content to allow for cross-curricular connections. Coupled with in-class lessons and activities, MinecraftEdu can help students apply the knowledge they have learned in technological and playful ways.

Visualizing Comprehension

Challenge students to illustrate their reading comprehension by visualizing those concepts through Minecraft. They can reconstruct various settings and scenes from literature, use those creations to present or make predictions on what happens next.

Integrate Assessments and Interactivity

Using some the special blocks added to MinecraftEdu, you can embed text in journals or informational blocks. Hyperlinks can be embedded to send students to online assessments or extend material beyond the game. Minecraft contains many interactive materials and possibilities for engineering interactivity.

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