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Digging for Truth - Integrating Minecraft into a 7th grade World History curriculum. Based on this successful grant proposal.

Minecraft at CAIS China… Using MinecraftEdu in the classroom | Digiliterate - Adrian Hodge's blog focusing on Computer Technology courses at Changchun American International School in China. His classes use a combination of MinecraftEdu, Google SketchUp, and Moodle.

Digital game based learning - André Chercka, Special Education Teacher in Copenhagen, Denmark, discusses and demonstrates the work of his students and their efforts with MinecraftEdu.

Massively Minecraft - Dean Groom, Bron Stuckey, Jo Kay Wollongong, creators of Massively Minecraft, invite kids ages 4 – 16 to join their online guild, with the support of their parents, and to contribute to the community world.

The Minecraft Teacher - Blog of Joel Levin, Owner and Educational Director of Teacher Gaming LLC.

Minecraft In School - Lucas Gillespie's wiki "devoted to hosting ideas, lessons, implementation strategies, and more" related to the use of Minecraft in the classroom.

MinecraftEdu Elfie - Australian educator, Stephen Elford, secondary school teacher discusses issues and controversies surrounding Minecraft in educational contexts, and showcases his own work using the game to teach cell biology, de Bono’s Thinking Hats, and neurology, and other content-area subjects.

Tip of the Iceberg - International school teacher Keri-Lee Beasley explains much of the rationale for using Minecraft in the classroom in her blog on educational technology. Her musings contain explanations of her work with the game and some great photos of her school's student-generated world.

EdTech Blog at Chatsworth - Blog of Rob Newberry, Director of Educational Technology at Chatsworth International School in Singapore.

Minecraft in Education - a nice Scoopit! aggregate of Minecraft news, discussions, and blogs pertaining to its use in education.

OPS Minecraft - A blog about the use of Minecraft in an Australian school district.

Crafting Young Minds - An organization dedicated to helping set up educational MinecraftEdu servers.

Feeding Change - Liam O'Donnell writes about his experiences using MinecraftEdu in the classroom.

Minecraft at SAA - Wonders of Minecraft - Mrs. Gielen's blog about MinecraftEdu in her classroom.

SAA minecraft class wiki - The class wiki for Minecraft at SAA.

TESOL Builders - Blog surrounding the efforts of a instructor using MinecraftEdu to teach English as a Second Language at a Midwestern University.

Minecraft Club Hub - Wiki page for the Toronto District School Board / EDGE Lab Multi-School Minecraft Space.

Middle School Minecraft - A blog that tracks Bob Kahn's efforts with MinecraftEdu in the classroom. Includes video of student projects.

Cerulean Librarian - A blog written by a librarian using MinecratEdu with teens.

EduCraft - An organization dedicated to building educational Minecraft servers.

My Life as an Edu-Pirate - The blog of Heidi Siwak, a 3 - 7 grade teacher using MinecraftEdu.

Ideas for Using Minecraft in the Classroom - A nice blog entry by Andrew Miller, National Faculty Member for the Buck Institute for Education, about several of the practical aspects of using Minecraft in the classroom.

After-school MC - Bryan Overland's blog about the use of MinecraftEdu in an after-school program for refugee students in Western New York.

TLA Mines - Chronicles of the Minecraft adventures of the Traditional Learning Academy, a school comprised of homeschool, distance learning, and special needs families.

Samine Mines - Primary school teacher Sabine McKenna explores Minecraft with an eye towards using it with her students.

World of Humanities interview/tour - Middle school teacher Eric Walker creates an ancient history-themed world for students to explore, learn, and collaborate within. New version of the world plays like an "educational MMORPG". More info and teacher download available at the Lesson Template page.

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