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Ages 7-14
Published by Arukay • 2 months ago •  0
Retos de programación

Technology > Computer Science - Programming
Ages 7-14
Published by Arukay • 3 months ago •  0
This adventure with parkoure and redstone.

Technology > Computer Science - Parkoure redstone
Ages 7-14
Published by Arukay • 1 year ago •  0
See the final student projects from the Arukay Minecraft courses summer 2015! Each student designed their own exhibit, with the entire level serving as an excellent introduction to ComputerCraftEdu

Technology > Computer Science - Demonstration of Arukay Course 201

The Wall Flower Algorithm in Lua Scripting (El algoritmo en formato de código)

Ages 10-16
Published by Arukay • 1 year ago •  1
Each team first builds a maze. Then, they must program a Computer Craft turtle with an algorithm to navigate through the maze. Tutorial materials coming soon, level assumes student experience with the Computer Craft Mod.

Technology > Computer Science - computational thinking, spanish, maze